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OAKLAND – Jason Thompson doesn’t yet know how many minutes he can expect or when he might be summoned from the bench or even where he fits in the playing rotation of the defending champion Warriors.

He’s OK with that, for now, because in the two weeks since training camp opened he has come to realize he’s in the midst of a major adjustment.

“It’s kind of night and day with the difference,” Thompson said.

He was referring to early vibe with the Warriors and how it contrasts with his first seven seasons in the NBA, when he was member of the abysmal and dysfunctional Sacramento Kings.

How bad was it for Thompson in Sac? So bad that NBA observers are reluctant to reach a conclusion on what he has to offer. Some think he’ll fade in his new surroundings, while others believe he’ll flourish. Most simply have no real idea.

But if Thompson can’t reach his potential with the Warriors, well, it sounds as if the blame won’t fall on the organization.

“You can tell it’s a first-class organization,” Thompson said. “No offense to Sac, but there was no stability in the seven years that I was there. You could just tell, from Day 1, when the trade went through, how differently things went on and off the court.


“Regardless of this being my eighth season, I’m trying to learn what it takes to win and be around that atmosphere. I’m kind of soaking up all of the information with a sponge. It’s not going to change overnight, but you can just tell things are sharper and things are going to be more crisp as preseason and as practices go.”

Thompson’s role, as laid out by coach Steve Kerr, is to provide productive minutes backing up center Andrew Bogut and power forward Draymond Green. Interim coach Luke Walton is following that plan.

But it’s early, too soon for sensible basketball projections. Thompson came over on July 31 in exchange for Gerald Wallace, who had been officially acquired from Boston four days earlier as part of the David Lee trade.

Thompson has to, after all, become accustomed to this new basketball experience before he can find his place.

Meanwhile, Thompson is relieved to feel he’s a good fit with his teammates.

“The transition is gone . . . they’re bringing me in like I’ve been here for a long time and I’ve only been here a couple weeks,” Thompson said.

“I’ve got the vet card, even though I’m a rookie on this team.”