Don Nelson coached the Warriors during an entertaining time. 

OK, so that doesn’t quite narrow it down, but during one of his stints with Golden State, he was in charge of coaching the Run TMC trio that consisted of Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin 

It was the perfect fit for the fun coach who finished his coaching career with over 75 playoff wins.

After those wins, the Hall of Fame coach celebrated accordingly, apparently.

We heard the tale of when Hardaway was introduced to the light-hearted side of Nelson as a rookie during a Warriors Q&A on NBA.com.

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“My first year there, I think it was my first game … Nellie had a six-pack on him,” Hardaway said. “He had put two beers in his (right) jacket pocket, put two in that (left) jacket pocket, he had put one in his suit’s top jacket pocket, and he had one in his hand, drinking. So he always carried a six-pack with him after the game.

"He was always that way, he was always fun.”


You have to respect a coach who is always prepared. And now we know why those big sports jackets were all the rage back then.

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Nelson has done it all in addition to his 1,000 wins as a coach across four teams and the multiple championships as a player, and even has experience as a commentator.

The laidback nature of Nellie was balanced with his ability to win -- and he won a lot with the Warriors.