Tony Allen reveals funny thing Steph told him during game

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Over a seven-season stretch from 2011 to 2017, Tony Allen was named to an NBA All-Defense team six times.

He was known for being a hard-nosed, lockdown defender who could make life very difficult on the top scorers in the league.

Speaking of elite bucket-getters -- what was it like for Allen going against Steph Curry?

"I ain't really get into too many battles with Curry because that was Mike Conley's matchup," Allen said Wednesday morning on 95.7 The Game's "The Morning Roast" show. "I was just focused on Klay [Thompson].

"My whole thing was Klay. Klay can't get his average. If Klay gets his average, I don't feel like I came to play today. That's how I approached the Warriors the whole time."

Allen also told a funny story about something Curry said to him during a game in Memphis years back.

"I had to switch off Klay. I had took care of my business on Klay already," he said in a playful manner. "They switched me to Curry. I'm doing everything -- I'm sticking him, I'm sticking him, I'm sticking him.

"Then all of a sudden, I ripped the ball from him and they didn't call a foul. He's looking at the ref. And so I stayed on him. I think I hit [the ball away] from behind again. He stopped and took his mouthpiece out and told me: 'Hey TA -- how do you get away with all this fouling?'


"I already knew I had the respect from him. He was trying to hit me with a lot of the moves ... seeing him take his mouthpiece out and talk to me -- when I don't talk to nobody on the floor -- I already knew, 'All right. My defense is out here.' "

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The 2007-08 NBA champion also gave the Warriors some major love when he was asked if he believes Golden State will win another championship with Steph, Klay and Draymond Green.

"Yeah. Why wouldn't they? Those guys got the recipe. They got the coach, they got the organization, they do everything A1 how they go about their business. It all depends on if they can get healthy enough.

"I wouldn't bet against them. You never test the heart of a champion."

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