Look! We found another Basketball Hall of Famer that is tired of the Warriors' success.

Tracy McGrady is so done with the Warriors winning every year, that he wants Kevin Durant to leave in NBA free agency this summer.

On Tuesday's episode of The Jump on ESPN, the question was posed: Would it be good or bad for the league for the Warriors to break up?

"This is great for the league," McGrady said. "Although I love seeing these guys play on the big stage every year, I think we just need some more parity. It’s been four straight years of watching these guys. Kevin Durant just completely changed everything when he went there and made it not fair for the league."

In the process of bringing the Warriors down, McGrady wants Durant to lift another franchise up.

"I would love for KD to spread the love around, so a team like the New York Knicks can come back in the fold and be competitive in the Eastern Conference," McGrady said. "Like, how awesome would that be? KD joins another player or two and make New York exciting again."

Sorry T-Mac, but we subscribe to the theory that a dominant top dog forced everyone else to raise their game.