Hawks' Young's trash-talking bringing Draymond 'great joy'

Trae Young, Draymond Green

Takes one to know one.

When it comes to the best trash-talkers in the NBA, we can take Draymond Green at his word. No one in the league exchanges more verbal barbs with the opponent than the Warriors' emotional leader, so he knows as well as anybody who has the adequate material to go tit-for-tat.

Green's reputation is well known throughout the league, and has been for some time. But there's someone who has been making a similar name for himself during the ongoing playoffs.

Over the course of just two games, Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young has established himself as the closest thing to Reggie Miller for this generation of New York Knicks fans. He drew -- and fed off of -- the ire of the Madison Square Garden crowd in Game 1, and made sure to let them know how much he appreciated it. Then, on Wednesday night in Game 2, he was enemy No. 1 again, giving as much as he took.

And Green was loving it.

"Brings me great joy that the world can now see Trae is one of the biggest s--t talkers in the league," Green tweeted.

Typically, the most willing trash-talkers are established veterans. But apparently, Young -- who is finishing up his third season in the NBA -- is well ahead of his years. That's something Green can appreciate, and relate to.

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Under the current league scheduling, the Warriors and Hawks only face each other twice a season. So, Green and Young won't be able to exchange barbs with each other too often.


But when they do, don't expect either guy to back down.

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