The Warriors are not one of the 22 teams heading to the Walt Disney World complex in Orlando next month to complete the NBA season. Those squads will compete and play in eight regular-season games and work their way toward the playoffs.

But don’t worry, the Dubs are perfectly fine with that. But, they’ll get to miss out on some pretty awesome perks.

The teams will be staying at three prestigious properties in the area at Disney World, including the Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs, the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and the Yacht Club Resort. 

The names alone sound amazing. 

According to ESPN, some of the perks include a 24-hour VIP concierge along with entertainment that includes movie screenings and DJ sets.

There will also be team-sponsored outings including privatized restaurants, bowling, boating, fishing and golf.

Thus Steph Curry has to miss on the sport he loves arguably just as much as basketball. The golf outings are more than likely done on amazing greens as well. 

And I know we would give anything to watch him bowl. 

Jordan Poole loves a good yoga session, but he’ll have to forego the setup that includes meditation and virtual mind-health sessions. 

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There’s also a players-only lounge that includes TVs, arcade gaming, access to NBA2K and ping pong.

You know how Disney World has Mickey Mouse shaped waffles -- and everything else you could want? They won’t skimp on their culinary ways and will even support dietary needs for the different players and teams.

Players get "three freshly-prepared meals a day, and four meals a day on game days.”

There’s also some grooming perks too: Barbers, manicurists and pedicurists.

Fun stuff aside, the NBA is taking extreme cautionary protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic. They have a strict plan place if someone were to test positive for the virus, which is most important.

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Alas, the Warriors will abide by their own safety rules with their limited practices back in the Bay Area for the time being. By not going to Orlando, they also get to skip out on a complex negotiation process and continue to work toward their future.

They’ll get their own perks down the road,