Back in May 2014 -- shortly after the Warriors fired coach Mark Jackson -- Steve Kerr declined to interview with Golden State, because he already had begun the negotiating process with Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks.

So the Warriors turned their attention to Stan Van Gundy.

"Very congenial. Really fun to talk to. I had a lot of conversations with him prior to meeting with him," Warriors general manager Bob Myers said Friday during a conversation on "The Woj Pod" with ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. "Because he's such a good guy and has the intergrity he has, he said, 'Look, I'm kind of down the road with another situation ... to his credit, he said, 'I don't know if you should worry about coming down here. I don't want to lead you on.'

"At that point we hadn't really talked to anybody. (So) I said, 'Well can we at least talk to you?' I'm of the mind -- you always get something talking to Stan Van Gundy. I still remember a lot of the good things he said. He was way ahead of a lot of people analytically.

"So in the course of that meeting -- the interesting part of the story is -- Steve actually called my phone. He didn't know we were meeting with Stan. I just think he realized he wanted a chance to talk to us before he made a decision. So that all kind of happened at once.


"Stan basically told us after that meeting, 'I'm gonna go in the direction I thought I was.' So then we were nowhere, but Steve popped back up ... that is how it happened. He did call while we were meeting with Stan, which was kind of crazy."

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That is pretty wild.

Myers and Wojnarowski did not discuss a certain variable that was in play six years ago:

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But anyways -- Van Gundy went to the Detroit Pistons, and Kerr joined the Warriors.

After winning three titles and reaching the NBA Finals five straight years, it's safe to say that it all worked out just fine in the end for the Dubs.

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