Last week, we learned that Warriors superstar Steph Curry has begun taking part in the franchise's group Peloton morning rides.

On Sunday, Marcus Thompson of The Athletic provided more details:

Jennifer Millet, the Warriors senior vice president of marketing, launched a Peloton channel on the company’s Slack over a year ago. It started with about a dozen people in the organization who had the popular bike.

Then the shelter-in-place order came down in California last month and suddenly the Slack channel was crowded. There are more than 30 people in the Warriors’ group. Some 15 to 20 will be on their morning rides, the others joining the class later since it is recorded and saved.

The Warriors have begun competing against the Brooklyn Nets’ company Peloton group. The San Francisco Giants’ group joined the Warriors’ mix on Thursday.

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We know that Draymond Green is a huge fan of riding the bike and "attempts to destroy everyone around him." We also know that Curry just is "above average" on the Peloton so far.

What we don't know is if two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant is a part of the Nets' contingent battling against Golden State.

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If he is, we need an upcoming race broadcast on national TV with announcers and everything.

The world deserves that, right?!

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