Warriors teammates Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala can already bond over what most teammates never can: MVP trophies. Curry took home the 2014-15 regular season MVP while Iguodala was named the NBA Finals MVP last season. 

Now, the two find a whole other craft they can connect with off the court, but remain competitive at the same time. 

Curry grew up driving and putting on different golf courses with his father Dell. Iguodala on the other hand, picked up clubs a few years ago and now says he has a "disease" for his love of the sport. 

The two were seen on the Golf Channel with Gary Williams Monday.

"I found somebody that's really, really good at golf, who's the best shooter in the world," Iguodala said on Curry, who doubles as his golf partner. "So, I found a good mate to play golf with." 

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Fans and teammates alike see the competitive animal that is Steph Curry on the basketball court. Is he the same way on the golf course or can he relax? 

"I'm a competitive person by nature, so that's the beauty of golf," said Curry. "You can always challenge yourself."

Curry is on top of the basketball world right now as the reigning MVP of the league. He has found a way to dominate with the grace of his shot instead of the power of the dunk. 


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On the golf course, Curry sees comparisons between his shot and Jordan Spieth's ability to put opponents away with his putting skills.

"Difference between him and the field sometimes when he's out there playing and myself and shooting is the same way," Curry said on the parallel between he and Spieth.

Playing 82 games of basketball before the playoffs even start can be grueling. For Curry and Iguodala, they have found the perfect outlet. 

"We always joke that we talk more about golf than basketball," Curry said with a smile on his face.