Warriors discussed 'all the time' in NBA bubble, Fitz says


With the NBA playoffs nearing the end of the first round, there is a noticeable absence with the Warriors not taking part. In fact, for a player like Draymond Green, this is the first time in his entire NBA career that he and the Warriors are not competing in the first round of the postseason. 

Yet, even without the Warriors physically present in Orlando, they clearly have not left the minds of everyone in the bubble.

Longtime Warriors television play-by-play broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald, who currently is in the NBA bubble calling playoff games for TNT, finds humor in just how prevalent all the talk about the Warriors remains.

"It's funny, out of all the teams competing for a championship, that's a big discussion," Fitzgerald told NBC Sports Bay Area. "And the playoffs outcome, and Dončić hits a big shot, that's a big discussion. You know what else is being discussed? How good the Golden State Warriors will be next year."

After a year in which the Dubs finished dead last in the regular season, eventually resulting in the team landing the No. 2 pick in the NBA Draft, you normally would think that NBA circles would have their minds elsewhere, rather than on the Warriors. 

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According to Fitzgerald, everyone from the media to executives to coaches and players themselves are anticipating what's coming next season.

"(The talk is) how [the Warriors] will be on a revenge path. How they will be back in the playoffs. How they will be back to the elite in the NBA. (There's) all kinds of Warriors discussion, vis-a-vis the draft, potential trades, free agents," Fitzgerald explained.


"The bottom line is you got Steph, Klay and Draymond and they're still in their prime and the five years of making it to the Finals, yeah this was the ugly, off, injured year, but people haven't forgotten about the Warriors. They are brought up all the time."