Vitale believes Wiseman 'no-brainer' Warriors pick at No. 2

USA Today

The Warriors were "thrilled" to land the No. 2 overall pick in a draft that is regarded as short on talent. There's a distinct possibility that they trade the selection, but if they keep it, they'll have their choice between at least two of the three prospects most commonly associated with the top of the 2020 NBA Draft: Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman and LaMelo Ball.

Ball might have the most upside of the three, but for a variety of reasons, it seems quite unlikely that he'll end up with Golden State.

Penny Hardaway believes Wiseman is the top overall player, but given that the Minnesota Timberwolves already have Karl Anthony-Towns, Edwards seems like a more natural fit with their No. 1 overall pick.

Assuming Edwards does go first overall to the T-Wolves, Wiseman would be sitting there at the Warriors' selection, ready for the taking. Legendary college basketball announcer Dick Vitale views that as an ideal outcome for Golden State.

"I got (Steph) Curry, I got (Klay) Thompson, I got (Andrew) Wiggins and I've got Draymond Green," Vitale said on 95.7 The Game. "I'm going big and I'm going for Wiseman. I've seen Wiseman a little bit throughout his young career. He's got a world of potential. His big question mark is you're not skilled yet in the post ... that'll come. He'll get stronger with all the teaching they have today, and plus he's got a coach that'll be a great stabilizer for him in Steve Kerr. I think it's a no-brainer. 


"I think you go 7-foot-1 with potential over another guard. That's my feeling. I feel very strong about it -- it's probably not going to go that way maybe -- but I think James Wiseman would be the pick right there."

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From a positional standpoint, Wiseman would fit right into the Warriors' starting five -- maybe not immediately, but that certainly would be the long-term expectation. He appeared in only three collegiate games, and while that has made it more difficult to scout him, that also potentially could work in the Warriors' favor.

If Wiseman is the player that Vitale believes him to be -- and had more of an opportunity to showcase that -- the Warriors might not even have a shot at him.