Green '100 percent' talks trash to his Warriors teammates

Draymond Green, Warriors

Fans know that Draymond Green can be loud on the court during games -- taking aim both at officials and opposing players.

Even though we don’t see what happens behind closed doors at the Warriors’ practices, you already know Green gets heated at his teammates, too. Green joined NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kendra Andrews and Grant Liffmann on the latest episode of “Dubs Talk” to share why he likes to trash talk his teammates.

“One hundred percent,” Green said. “At some point I go after all of my teammates. Because you have to know who you’re standing next to on the battlefield. If something jumps off -- if I get into something or somebody else gets into something -- is this guy going to help me? Or is this going to be a guy that I need to help. I think that matters. You have to know.”

Green already has a coaching mentality. Sometimes that means rookie James Wiseman is going to get an earful. Klay Thompson said he’s glad he doesn’t get yelled at by Green anymore. But it goes both ways, as Green joked that Curry chastises him at times, too.

Green said a teammate's reaction to his outbursts can also educate him as a team leader, in terms of how to approach them.


“What you also have to know is how to lead that particular guy,” Green said. “One thing I believe in leadership is, you can’t … people always, say, ‘Ah man this guy leads the team.’ Leading team is leading individuals. You can’t lead the team without leading particular individuals. 

“Everybody has to be led different. The way you may lead a Steph Curry, you can’t lead an Andrew Wiggins. Different guys, you have to figure out what works with that guy.”

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Sure, Green’s scoring has dipped this season to 6.1 points per game, his lowest since his rookie year. But he’s still one of the premier defenders in the game (or the best ever if you ask him) and provides immeasurable value to the Warriors. 

There’s a method to his madness and there’s no reason to think Green will become less vocal as he gets older.

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