Everyone's guilty of getting on their tip-toes at some point to look a tad taller. Warriors forward Draymond Green likely has done so at some point, too. 

The three-time All-Star has been listed at 6-foot-7 throughout his seven-year NBA career, but that could change in the upcoming season.

After NBC Sports California's James Ham revealed Kings guard Buddy Hield actually is 26 years old, not his listed 25 at the time, the NBA is cracking down on such discrepancies. The league is making team submit their players' heights and precise age in the first week of training camp. Players must be measured without shoes and their height submitted by a team physician.

Green could be shrinking on Golden State's media guide this season. He reportedly will drop down to 6-foot-5, but the former Defensive Player of the Year has something to say about that. 

Every inch counts and Green is going with 6-foot-6. His coach, however, had something to say about that in January 2017. 

"He's a very unique player. He's about 6-5, really. I don't know what we list him at, but I talk to him every day and he's just barely right here," Kerr said, putting his hand right above his head. "Somehow he's guarding 7-footers and dominating games." 


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Green can play either forward position and often serves as the Warriors' center while also initiating the offense. Being a Defensive Player of the Year and making the All-Defensive team five times at 6-foot-7 is beyond impressive. 

If he has done all this at 6-foot-5, it's even crazier.