Warriors' Draymond Green makes bold prediction about Chase Center

Warriors' Draymond Green makes bold prediction about Chase Center

SAN FRANCISCO - High above Mission Bay, adjacent to the soon-to-be-christened Chase Center, Draymond Green is holding court in a semi-full conference room. 

Wrapping up the Warriors' 'Reveal Week' for the arena, Green announces Golden State's first preseason game in the new arena is Oct. 5 against the Lakers.

But not without making a declaration about the current season first. 

"We're thrilled about the opportunity," Green said Friday. "We're thrilled about finishing off Oakland right, we're coming into Chase Center as champions and then being champions again when we get to Chase Center."

Soon after, Green ditched his Off White Nike Blazers for construction boots, adding a reflective construction vest and glasses. For the next hour, he weaved through the unfinished structure, seeing the grand circular locker room, soon-to-be barbershop and what will be a practice facility.

The privately financed arena, slated to open in September, is expected to hold concerts, sporting events and, if Warriors COO Rick Welts has his wish, political conventions. But the Warriors also sought out players, coaches and even trainers' input to improve the locker rooms and training areas in the new building. 

"It's truly special the way this organization treats us as players," Green said. "There's no surprise that most NBA players are close nowadays. The common theme, even when guys come here, guys tell me, 'hey Draymond, you haven't experienced the real NBA. You don't know what it's like to be in another organization.' So from that standpoint, I am blessed because I've been taken care of, like my teammates, like no other."

During a team dinner the night before training camp, Warriors coach Steve Kerr stressed the Warriors play with purpose during their last season at Oracle Arena, with the goal to bring another championship to Oakland. In recent weeks, the champs have fallen short of that initial goal, going just 3-3 at home since the All-Star break. 

"We focus on the big picture a lot," Green said. "Steve, especially within the last two weeks, every day has been stressed 'this is it for Oakland, this is it for Oakland. We have to do it for Oakland. Everybody is excited about the move. The thing that people don't understand is moving from Oakland to San Francisco, that's a new life. If you move from Oakland to San Francisco, you switch your doctor ... you switch your dentist. It's a completely different life." 

Over the past two weeks, the Warriors have improved. Following a 4-5 stretch, which included a loss to the lowly Phoenix Suns, the Warriors have found their stride. They have won four of their last five games, all while in pursuit of the Western Conference's top seed.

"You can definitely feel that there's a different level of focus that you see from everyone," Green said. "It's not that there's one player or one guy over here or one guy over there, it's everyone. The coaching staff has a completely different focus than they had two weeks ago and it's on all of us. It's been really exciting playing with each other over the last week and a half. Just seeing what we're capable of and what's more exciting is that the defense has been incredible." 

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Despite averaging more than 110 points and 30 assists over their last five games, including a season-high 39 assists in Thursday night's win over the Indiana Pacers, Green believes the team has another level to reach. 

"The offense has been horrible," Green said. "You're talking 32 assists, 39 assists and it hasn't been good. Coach Kerr and Mike Brown have been preaching 'pace, pace' - so you literally seeing guys flying around like 'pace, pace' and it's horrible. We haven't figured out the timing yet, so I'm excited about that because to play the way we've been playing over the last week-and-a-half and still figuring it out, that's going to be a sight to see." 

Kevin Durant continues Twitter feud with FOX Sports' Chris Broussard

Kevin Durant continues Twitter feud with FOX Sports' Chris Broussard

Kevin Durant isn't going anywhere. This isn't about free agency. This is about Twitter. 

The injured Warriors star has logged on again, continuing his feud with FOX Sports' Chris Broussard on Wednesday, who said he and Durant have texted for two to three straight hours. According to Durant though, the reporter doesn't even have his number. 

Ok, maybe Broussard wasn't talking about actually texting, but the reporter held on to his claim. 

About ten hours later, Broussard expanded on the nature of their texts direct messages from the front seat of his car. Broussard said some of the conversations "lasted more than five hours," and didn't forget to plug his appearance on FS1 Thursday morning. 

The argument stems from Broussard saying Monday that Durant's "worst nightmare" is happening as the Warriors swept the Blazers with him rehabbing a strained right calf. Golden State's star forward was having none of that. 

While Durant continues to work his way back for the NBA Finals, he has eyes on Twitter and is ready to fire back at all of the worst takes.

NBA rumors: Sense among Warriors is Kevin Durant leaves in free agency


NBA rumors: Sense among Warriors is Kevin Durant leaves in free agency

Will he? Won't he? Will we continue dissecting it regardless? 

The Warriors reportedly believe the answer to one of those questions is yes. ESPN's Ramona Shelburne said on "The Jump" on Wednesday that she thinks "there's a sense that he's going to leave Golden State."

"I think you feel that within the Warriors organization," Shelburne said (H/T Bleacher Report). "That's why this whole run feels like they're all just trying to savor it, right? They're trying to savor what this is and just how special it is. But I don't know. Kevin Durant is an emotional guy -- and I say that with respect ... he's passionate."

Shelburne's comments came a day after Rich Kleiman, Durant's agent and business partner, said that Durant "really doesn't know and I really don't know" how his potential free agency will play out. Earlier this month, Shelburne's ESPN colleague Adrian Wojnarowski said the Warriors "are bracing for possibly seismic change" this summer given Durant and Klay Thompson's impending free agency. 

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Durant will almost certainly opt out of his current contract this summer. The New York Times' Marc Stein wrote earlier Wednesday "that the Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as an equally dangerous threat to the [New York] Knicks to sign Durant away from Golden State." The Knicks have long been floated as Durant's preferred destination, and we're still over a month away from the official start of the free-agency moratorium on June 30. 

In other words, the answer to the third question at the start of this blog is also yes.