SAN FRANCISCO -- Warriors forward Draymond Green is no stranger to strong opinions. When asked about his 'criteria' for what makes an All-Star on Friday afternoon, he expressed disappointment in the way the current game is played. 

"My criteria really don't matter," Green said following Friday's shootaround. "If it was about my criteria, this whole league would be different. The s--t that matters in this league don't really matter to me."

Green's critique comes as the league continues to prioritize offensive play.

Following the outlawing of hand checking, the league has seen a rise in offensive movement. Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks led the league in scoring, averaging 118.1 points per game. By comparison, the Chicago Bulls scored just 103.1 points per contest in 1996-97 -- the season before hand-checking was outlawed. Now, Green believes the current rules have ramifications on and off the court. 

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"It's all about how can we make the game better for the offensive player, that's what the league is about," Green said. which is probably why the ratings probably suck. 


"You get teams in the bonus and guys who run into the somebody and get two free throws," Green added. Nobody wanna see that s--t."