Draymond tells CNN why playoffs in bubble need to continue

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The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association announced that the 2020 NBA playoffs will resume Saturday after three days of no games in protest of racial inequality.

Warriors forward Draymond Green is pleased with the outcome, because he would have disagreed with the players in the Orlando bubble had they voted to pull the plug on the season.

"You put it in terms of a concert -- when a performer is on a stage, if you're sitting in the nosebleeds, the only way you can hear that performer is because they have a microphone and they're on stage," Draymond explained to CNN's Jake Tapper on Friday afternoon. "If we leave our stage and we drop our microphone, we can no longer for those people that we are speaking for -- parts of our community [whose] voices aren't heard. It's extremely important that we continue to speak for them.

"And also -- if you look at it from a money and resource standpoint -- tons of NBA guys, NBA teams and the league as a whole contributes to the urban community, to the Black community. I know I like to contribute as much as I possibly can. If we take those resources away, we're taking resources away from ourselves to be able to continue this fight.

"And I don't think that's the right thing to do."


Draymond is correct in that canceling the rest of the playoffs would have caused significant financial damage across the board -- both in the present and the future. Potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue would have been lost, and the economic domino effect would have been staggering.

But that didn't happen. Instead, not only will the games go on, but the league and the union agreed on several meaningful initiatives that can lead to real progress in the fight for racial equality and social justice.

"I'm extremely proud of what my brothers in the bubble have accomplished over the last few days," Draymond added. "The NBA has been leading in this cause. I am proud to be a part of that, and [will] continue trying to help where we can."

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It sounds like you will see more of the three-time NBA champion on CNN in the weeks and months ahead.

And that's a good thing.

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