On his Fox Sports show "First Things First," Nick Wright offers countless opinions and predictions.

After all, that's his job.

So is the Warriors' dynasty over?

"Unfortunately for my friends in the Bay Area, the answer to that is obviously and unequivocally yes," he declared Thursday morning. "I said on this very show -- the day after the Warriors forfeited their one real ability to add another star when they traded D'Angelo Russell in order to get Andrew Wiggins and a pick -- that we would never see Steph Curry in the Finals again.

"And nothing has changed to change my opinion on that. The Warriors had one path forward -- package their top-five pick that's coming this year and D'Angelo Russell this summer for a legitimate impact player. Instead, they took an alternative path, which is trade (Russell) for a far inferior player and get a pick that will never help you during Steph Curry's prime.

"And it's a wrap now."

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Wright is entitled to his opinion that Wiggins is a "far inferior player" to D-Lo. But he's clearly being hyperbolic, and there are plenty of people who just flat out disagree. And putting potential trade packages aside, Wiggins is a better positional fit with the Dubs than Russell. That's a fact.


Furthermore, why is Wright downplaying the 2021 top-three protected pick (which becomes unprotected in 2022) Golden State acquired from the Minnesota Timberwolves? Apparently the Warriors don't have the option of packaging it with their 2020 presumed top-five pick to acquire the "legitimate impact player" Wright mentioned? Oh wait, they do have that option at their disposal.

Additionally, the Warriors have the ability to significantly improve the roster this offseason by using the taxpayer mid-level exception and the $17.2 million traded player exception.

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So perhaps Wright should hold off on making any sort of definitive statement until the picture becomes clearer.

Unfortunately, that won't happen because we live in a hot-take world. But he did provide the Warriors with some motivation.

Lastly, it's a win-win for Wright. If he ends up being correct, he can say, 'I told you so.' And if he's wrong, it doesn't matter whatsoever. He will address it, laugh it off and move on to the next topic.

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