The Warriors aren't going to Orlando for the resumption of the 2019-20 NBA season in July, and they aren't complaining.

The NBA announced June 4 that 22 teams will report to the Walt Disney World complex next month, play eight regular-season games, possible play-in games and then conduct the playoffs. The Warriors are among eight teams whose season ended with the announcement.

"Talking to Warriors officials, they’re ecstatic about skipping Orlando and not just because they’re avoiding an increasingly complex negotiation process," The Athletic's Ethan Strauss wrote Friday. "They know that skipping Florida means more time to focus and figure out a way forward. The trick is getting started."

The Warriors posted a video of a number of players, including Steph Curry, working out at the practice facility at Chase Center on Wednesday.

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If the 2020-21 NBA season starts sometime in December, the Warriors would go nine months between official games.

Right now, Warriors players can go to the team's facility, but they have to abide by certain rules due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those rules limit how much work a player can do.


“We can only work one-on-one with players right now,” an unnamed Warriors coach told Strauss. “I can’t guard him, catch the kick-out pass and rebound all at the same time. It will be a lot more effective when the rules are relaxed to let us do more.”

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Despite their desire to contend for the 2020-21 NBA title. the Warriors have a lot of young players that need development time.

Playing in a few more games, however meaningless, might have helped those players, but it appears the team is more than happy to simply get in 1-on-1 work at the facility.

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