Warriors' Eric Paschall defends Damion Lee against 'slandering' fans


Sometimes, fans forget that it's just a game and that the people playing the game are humans.

Humans make mistakes. We aren't perfect.

The final 30 seconds of the Warriors' 121-113 loss to the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night were not the finest of Damion Lee's NBA career.

With the Warriors trailing by four late in the game, Lee missed two free throws and a 3-pointer, fumbled a pass and committed a clear-path foul that ended the Warriors' chances of winning.

It was a tough moment for the third-year pro.

But some people on social media took things too far. Here's just one example:

Rookie forward Eric Paschall came to Lee's defense on the court during the game and on Twitter afterward.

Lee's wife, Sydel Curry-Lee, wasn't having it either with fans and responded to a few after the game.

The 27-year-old Lee has overcome two torn ACLs, spent quite a bit of time in the G League, played on 10-day contracts and was a two-way player last year.

He earned a guaranteed three-year contract from the Warriors in January.

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Those people criticizing Lee on social media for what happened Thursday should remember that the man has earned his spot in the NBA the hard way.


Paschall and Curry-Lee are right. Lee doesn't deserve this criticism.

Keep your head up, young man. You'll have plenty of opportunities to prove the haters wrong.