Paschall unhappy with one attribute of NBA 2K21 rating


It’s just a number … right? Well, maybe not, according to Eric Paschall.

The Warriors power forward found out his NBA 2K21 rating and he was not happy about it:

He was given a 79 rating out of a possible 99. Every year, the ratings face scrutiny, but let's break this down for Paschall for a moment. 

He graded the highest at 81 in “outside scoring,” but his rebounding and defensive numbers remained in the 50-range, so that’s not great. 

Here’s the thing …

From everything I’ve read up on, there are 50-ish attributes that go into these ratings, and it’s such a complex determinant. The developers have to put so many things into these ratings for these guys, and we all know that no two players are the same, which is just the beginning of it all.

Nowadays, there are also “hustle stats,” which tally the number of screen assists, contested jump shots and charges taken per game -- among other things. And surely things have changed over times as players have evolved. 

So the fact that Paschall doesn’t feel like he was rated properly as an athlete kind of makes sense.

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If you want to compare some of the rankings, the top three went to James Harden, LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, all with a 97 rating -- the best overall among current players. And we know you can’t compare to those three, but Paschall’s 79 rating was something he was not happy about.


Maybe next year?