Warriors fan hilariously left hanging on viral Game 5 high-five


Getting left hanging on a high-five never feels good, but getting left hanging on a high-five on a national broadcast of the NBA Finals has to feel worse. 

For one Warriors fan, his excitement late in the third quarter of the Warriors' 104-94 win over the Boston Celtics in Game 5 quickly turned to disappointment after the person he attended the game with left him hanging after an emphatic high-five following Klay Thompson's big 3-pointer with 2:31 remaining in the frame. 

When left hanging, the standard procedure is to act cool and maybe even self-five. He handled it like a champ. 

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Fortunately for this Warriors fan, the awkward moment was a blip in an otherwise great night for any fan donning Dubs colors. 

And let's be honest, going viral has its perks too. 

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