Warriors fans displeased with Clips calling city 'San Fran'


Look, I’ve lived in the Bay Area for two years now. Before I even sent in the first rental payment on my house, I was lectured to never refer to San Francisco as “San Fran.” 

Apparently, the Los Angeles Clippers’ Twitter account didn’t receive the same memo.

Following Steph Curry’s ridiculous night in the 115-105 win over the Clippers, LA tweeted out the final score calling the city that possesses Chase Center, “San Fran.”

Big mistake. Locals don’t like when you call it that. 

Popular Warriors account WarriorsWorld and Oakland native and The Ringer’s Logan Murdock were among those that voiced their displeasure.

Fans that live or are from the surrounding areas also were upset over it. 

It’s doubtful the Warriors cared too much. Steph dropped a game-high 38 points Friday night. During postgame availability, he said he liked the way the team responded when they fell behind.

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After the victory, the team paid tribute to longtime scorekeeper Fred Kast, whose 58-year career with the Warriors was capped by the team watching as he made the final shot of the night.

That appeared more important than a nickname for a city.