Warriors GM Myers commends NBA players for boycotts

Eric Paschall, Bob Myers
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Millions of people around the country -- and world for that matter -- never will forget what happened Wednesday.

To protest last Sunday's police shooting of Jacob Blake -- a 29-year-old Black man -- in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court for their playoff game against the Orlando Magic.

Ultimately, the NBA and National Basketball Players Association announced that all three of Wednesday's playoff games were postponed.

Shortly thereafter, Warriors general manager Bob Myers discussed the historic day on "The TK Show" podcast with The Athletic's Tim Kawakami.

“I certainly know this -- it gets people’s attention,” Myers said of the boycotts. “There’s a light. Players -- they’re the ones that are putting themselves on the line here. Mostly them. You have to respect their position, you have to respect their thoughts behind it.

"It’s just sad. Players want to play. You’ve gotta understand, this is not something I imagine they did light-heartedly or without thought or intention. You think they don’t want to play a playoff game? To have them take these steps -- they’re hurting and that’s real.

"These guys probably have lived their whole lives dreaming of playing in the playoffs -- trying to win a championship. And to put that on hold, that’s a real statement. That tells you how much it means to them and you have to respect that.”


Over the last several months, the Warriors as an organization have announced initiatives towards combating racial injustice. The franchise has devoted resources in the present and future, and wants to help enact real change.

In order to achieve something, collaboration is key. And a team effort is necessary.

"Hopefully, it’s a message to all of us," Myers said. "This is not a fight they (the players) can win alone. It’s going to take everybody’s help. I commend them for putting themselves -- you know, they’re the ones risking something right now.

"So I commend them for that.”

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It appears the 2020 NBA playoffs will resume soon.

The situation is fluid, and we will keep you up to speed on the latest developments.

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