Lacob doesn't worry about Warriors' lofty payroll day-to-day


The Warriors have deep pockets, and they could not be any less worried about their lofty payroll. 

Joe Lacob, the owner of the Warriors, sat down Thursday night with NBC Sports Bay Area's "Warriors Pregame Live" crew, where he explained why he doesn't worry about Golden State's league-high $184 million payroll. 

"Do you have to remind me of that?" Lacob said with a laugh. 

Currently, the Warriors have the highest payroll in the entire NBA. The Brooklyn Nets have the second-highest with a payroll of $177.1 million. 

Injuries to star players and a re-tooling of the roster over the past couple of seasons has prevented the Warriors from being a playoff team. This offseason, the Warriors were linked to NBA stars such as Ben Simmons and Bradley Beal, but a loaded payroll made big moves such as these much more difficult.

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The Warriors decided to reinforce the depth on their roster, signing low-cost veterans such as Andre Iguodala, Otto Porter Jr. and Nemanja Bjelica instead of pursuing bigger moves. With how large the Warriors' payroll has become, is there more pressure to win because of how much money is being spent?

"Honestly, whenever you invest in something do you really think about all that much? You can't, you gotta just be doing your job, enjoying life," Lacob added. "I can't worry about that on a day-to-day basis what the payroll is. Of course, I know there's a lot of risk when you have a payroll that size, you gotta win. You're expecting to win, you have to win in order to support everything we do here. I don't worry about it on a day-to-day basis, we just don't. We just do our jobs, make the right decisions, go for it, and we try to win."


Lacob's team is off to a phenomenal 4-0 start early on this season, and it appears that the decision to add affordable veterans instead of pursuing another star has already begun to pay off.