Kevin Durant logged on to Twitter this week and made waves.

The Warriors star went at FOX Sports 1's Chris Broussard multiple times after the commentator claimed Golden State winning without the two-time NBA Finals MVP was Durant's "worst nightmare."

Durant and Broussard went back-and-forth a couple of times before the feud died down. 

So, why does Durant, an all-time great, feel the need to be present on social media? Because he knows what he's talking about.

"Because I have social media," Durant said Friday when asked why he engages with people on social media. "I mean, I'm a human being with a social media account. I could see if I ventured off into like politics, culinary arts or music and gave my input, but I'm sticking to something that I know. You know what I'm saying? This is all I know. I'm actually talking about stuff that I know. I'm qualified to talk about basketball.

"So when I respond to something, especially if it's about me personally, of course I'm going to tell you if you wrong about it. When I'm on the training table getting treatment on my calf and I see a tweet that come by and I disagree -- I don't talk to people because I'm worried about what they say, it's just that I'm interested. So if you talking about in-game or the NBA Finals, they're the same to me, you know what I'm saying?"


Fair enough.

Durant, who has been sidelined with a right calf strain since Game 5 of the Warriors' second-round series against the Houston Rockets, continues to receive treatment and rehab his calf, but he is "unlikely" to be able to play early in the series.

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If Durant does miss the first few games of the championship round, it will just give him more time to pick people apart on social media.