Reporter Klay says Steph might beat his record 14 3-pointers

Steph Curry, Warriors

Steph Curry has Ray Allen in his sights when it comes to being the top 3-point shooter in NBA history. But the single-game record still belongs to his Splash Brother.

Klay Thompson, who will miss the entire season as he rehabs from an Achilles injury, joined the NBC Sports Bay Area broadcast during the third quarter in Saturday’s 118-91 victory over the Detroit Pistons.

As he watched his teammates play, Thompson discussed the possibility of someone breaking his single-game record of 14 3-pointers made in a game.

“I mean that’s probably going to be broken here in the next few years,” Thompson said. “It’s up to Steph. Zach LaVine was close, but I might break it again. I don’t know. I don’t think it’s going to last that long.”

Not even back-to-back season-ending injuries can hurt Klay’s confidence.

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Back on Oct. 29, 2018, Klay set the record with his 14 3-pointers en route to 52 points to top Curry’s record of 13 on Nov. 7, 2016 against the New Orleans Pelicans. LaVine approached Thompson’s record with 13 3-pointers on Nov. 23, 2019 but the record is safe for now.

Curry went 6-for-8 from 3-point land in Saturday’s contest, with Thompson calling play-by-play, before joining his Splash Bro for a postgame interview.

Thompson won’t be able to get back to the floor until 2021-22, so Steph still has 50-plus games to try to break the record Thompson returns. Fifteen 3-pointers in a game for Curry? Not out of the question.


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