Warriors' Klay Thompson has chance to play this season, Bob Myers says


Klay Thompson is itching to get back into an NBA game. But all indications are that he will sit out the entire 2019-20 season to ensure his surgically repaired ACL heals.

But Warriors general manager Bob Myers left the door open slightly with his comments during the game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night.

"I think there's a chance," Myers told ABC's Lisa Salters when asked if Klay could play this season. "We're going to have an update probably around All-Star break. But like Steph, if they're healthy and they're cleared, they'll play. But if they're not, obviously we're not going to play them.

"They both love basketball. Klay has had the hardest time being away from it. It's like he's thirsty and can't drink water. And Steph as well. But Steph is closer than Klay. You can ask him yourself. But it feels like Klay hasn't played in a long, long time. So it'll be exciting when we got all those guys back."

Curry spoke to Salters later in the game and indicated that he's targeting the first week of March for his long-awaited return to the Warriors' lineup.

As for Thompson, he's been seen on several occasions around the Warriors' facility in San Francisco shooting in full uniform. You can tell he desperately wants to get back on the court.


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But with the Warriors now sitting at 12-41 after their loss to the Lakers, Thompson should just shut it down for the season. As much as Warriors fans want to see him back on the court, it would be wise for him to give his left knee as much time to heal as possible.