Klay Thompson essentially has a unanimous approval rating among Warriors fans across the globe. Even people who dislike the Warriors still love the three-time NBA champion.

Speaking of love -- Klay cares deeply about chess. And in a recent video with GQ Sports entitled, "10 things Klay Thompson can't live without," he spoke glowingly about his chessboard:

"This is the greatest fan gift I've ever received, and I've gotten the most use out of it. I was in China when this was gifted to me. I forgot the fan's name, but if you're watching this, I appreciate you bro.

"This has been giving me so much pleasure -- especially on the road -- for years. It's got my Anta logo on there, which I thought was so cool. We've got the gold and silver set.

"Come holiday season, this chessboard sees the most action of the year. We have the family tournament. My dad thinks he's nice -- I have to humble him every once in awhile. My little brother Trayce is real good, we always compete.

"We just can't avoid competing. That's one thing the Thompson's can't do. But when we do, it's all in good fun and good faith. And it (the chessboard) will forever see action during the holidays the rest of my life."

Do you remember the article that revealed just how much the five-time All-Star loves chess?

This is how Ben Cohen of The Wall Street Journal opened his feature story on Klay in late May 2018:

After a recent Golden State Warriors game, Klay Thompson opened the Chess with Friends app on his phone. He wanted to show a match he was playing against teammate Andre Iguodala to someone he’d never met waiting for him outside the locker room.

Thompson thought Magnus Carlsen might be able to offer some assistance. Magnus Carlsen is the best chess player in the world, according to the official rankings of the sport’s governing body. Klay Thompson introduced himself to Carlsen as the best chess player on the Warriors, according to the official rankings of Klay Thompson.

“Based on loose facts,” he said, “but whatever.” 

Klay is the best. It's a scientific fact.

Although his girlfriend, Laura Harrier, might not currently agree with that sentiment:

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In Klay's defense, he did mention Laura a couple of times.

But Klay -- it's "you're" and not "your."

Sorry for being that guy.

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