Klay reveals love of journaling, new post-career goal


Klay Thompson would like to write a book someday.

Thompson revealed he started journaling about five or six years ago, when the Warriors were shaping their championship dynasty. 

“I love to write,” the sharpshooting guard told NBC Sports Bay Area at Warriors Media Day on the Dubs Talk Podcast.

“I started documenting how I feel on the court. What adversity the team is facing. How I’m feeling mentally,” he explained.

Where Thompson is mentally and physically is one of the Warriors’ biggest storylines for the upcoming season. As one of the NBA’s best shooters, the two-guard is part of the devasting one-two punch with Steph Curry. He also is the team’s morale-booster, and there’s a lot riding on Thompson’s return after his ACL and Achilles injuries.

His mental clarity feels stronger than ever. 

“I just think when you write down your thoughts on paper, it's like a decompression method. To be able to read and write is an incredible gift, and I've been trying to sharpen my mind in the times where I can't be my athletic self,” Thompson said. 

The best writers draw inspiration from other works. Thompson said he’s almost finished reading “Be Water, My Friend” by Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter. 

Klay’s most enthusiastic book recommendation is “Danger Zone” by David Klass.

“It was my absolute favorite basketball book as a high school kid," Thompson said. "It related so much to my experience of playing high school basketball growing up. It's an easy read, and I think it would make an incredible television series one day.”


Thompson said he’s talked to Klass about creating the series together to put it into production. 

“The book is really ahead of his time and so many of the themes came alive in 2020.”  

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When Thompson writes, the book he drafts in his mind isn’t only about basketball. He jots down short stories and memories. Sometimes he writes about his family. 

As Thompson’s return to the court approaches, he’s feeling empowered to write his next chapter. 

“I try to tell these young guys to start journaling about your career. So you can write your own first-person account, and then by the time it's over, you'll have an autobiography about your whole career. It’s pretty special.” 

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