Klay Thompson has been ramping up his workouts over the last couple of months as he continues to recover from his torn left ACL.

But the Warriors' star shooting guard doesn't spend all of his time working on his craft.

So what else has he been doing to pass time during the coronavirus pandemic?

"I've been lucky enough to have a nice boat," Klay recently said during a Q&A with his fans in China put on by Anta, his shoe sponsor. "I've been driving that around and fishing. And doing a lot of biking -- mountain biking.

"Besides being on the court playing basketball, those are my two favorite hobbies. So fun. Outdoors -- my favorite."

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First and foremost, that sound you hear right now is every member of Dub Nation saying out loud: "Stay safe on that bike, Klay!"

Secondly, it's somewhat surprising that the three-time NBA champion didn't say that he has been playing a lot chess.

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Lastly, Klay once again mentioned that he feels "100 percent," and "can't wait to suit up for the Warriors again."

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