SAN FRANCISCO -- Warriors two-way guard Ky Bowman is new to the NBA, but that doesn't mean he'll let Trail Blazers big man Hassan Whiteside get the upper hand.

"I know I'm a rook, but I'm not going to get pushed around," Bowman said after the Warriors' 127-118 win over the Blazers on Monday night at Chase Center.

The skirmish -- which took place with 6:12 left in the fourth quarter -- came after Bowman made a fast-break layup over Whiteside. Following the play, Whiteside gave Bowman an elbow as the guard ran back on defense, earning a technical foul for a "hostile act."

"I laid it up, and I was trying to get in front of the ball because I was picking it up 94 [feet] and make sure Damian [Lillard] didn't get it," Bowman said. "He bumped me then and I wasn't paying attention, and he bumped me again."

Following injuries to D'Angelo Russell and Stephen Curry, Bowman -- who went undrafted in the 2019 NBA Draft -- has been thrust into the Warriors' starting lineup, averaging 17.5 points, six assists and five rebounds in his last two appearances, earning respect from his teammates, most of whom came to his defense following Whiteside's actions.

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"It means a lot," Bowman said. "We lost some games down the stretch, so we're all we've got. So, just knowing we've got each other's back, that's big for us."