Klay Thompson’s offense is often talked about and admired. 

He has an almost perfect jump shot, which embodies the “Splash Brothers” nickname he and Warriors teammate Steph Curry possess. There are other elements of his own game that impress his coaches, too.

But it wouldn’t hurt if he would answer his phone once in a while.

Golden State associate head coach Mike Brown stopped by the "Runnin’ Plays" podcast to talk about Klay’s impressive attitude on and off the court, and it turns out he’s the only one who won’t answer Brown’s calls.

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“I’ve reached out, I’ve talked to all of our players but Klay Thompson. I reached out to Klay, but Klay you haven’t called me back,” Brown told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Kerith Burke and Logan Murdock. 

Brown checked in on all of his players amid the coronavirus pandemic to make sure they’re doing OK as the world goes into quarantine. 

Despite the small ghosting scenario, Brown knows that doesn’t overshadow how important Klay is to the team.

“Klay, he’s just a special human being -- he’s about as fun and easy of a guy to coach,” Brown added.


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That’s because you don’t have to tell him much. Klay knows the role he plays on the Warriors. Whether he's being a great, laid-back teammate, or starring on the court.

“He’s funny,” Brown added. “Talked about much s--t as anybody on our team,”

You can watch the entire interview atop the page.