Warriors must adjust after 20 'killer' turnovers vs. Spurs


The final seconds of the Warriors' game against the Spurs was filled with mayhem. 

After Dejounte Murray hit a monster 3-pointer, Steph Curry responded with one of his own bringing the Warriors' deficit within one. The Spurs hit both their free throws, and the Dubs got the ball back in the frontcourt with 8.7 seconds left in the game. 

Yes, Draymond Green's subsequent smart, dumb play was the nail in the coffin for the Warriors, but that final play isn't to blame for the 105-100 loss in San Antonio

Sure, it was a bad way to end the game, but the Warriors struggled throughout the night, particularly with taking care of the ball. 

The Warriors committed 20 turnovers, which led to 17 San Antonio points.

After giving up an early 18-point lead, the Warriors managed to stick by the Spurs' side for the entirety of the game -- even regaining a slight lead at some points. But it was the turnovers that prevented them from keeping the lead and failing to regain it when they were trailing the Spurs down the stretch. 

"Twenty turnovers, that's what lost the game," Kerr told reporters after the game. "I think we gave up 10 more field goal attempts than we were able to get ourselves, and it's tough to win in that situation. The turnovers were killer. We rebounded well -- we did a lot of things well. But the turnover disparity was the biggest difference."


"I thought a lot of (the turnovers) came from us trying to make plays," Juan Toscano-Anderson said. "Some of them you gotta live with but we have to take better care of the ball."

Toscano-Anderson said the team was playing too fast at times, leading to the slew of turnovers. Steph Curry said they were caused by making a read that wasn't there or trying to decide for someone else on where they should cut. And then sometimes, he said, you make the right pass, but can't execute. In Kerr's eyes, those unforced turnovers are the most inexcusable.

All of that being said, no matter how the turnovers were committed, adjustments need to be made for the Warriors' second game against the Spurs on Tuesday night. Once again forced to play a small-ball lineup, the speed the Warriors played with will need to remain. So it's about figuring out how to take care of the ball without losing quickness.

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It's tough to say the Warriors wouldn't have been disappointed if they lost Monday's game just because of Draymond's whoopsies, and not because of turnovers. A loss is a loss. But, it might feel different if it was compounded by one glaring error. 

"You can nit-pick each game and say, 'Oh the turnovers or fouls or offensive rebounds or whatever the case is on a nightly basis.' But whatever it is, it leads to a loss," Curry said. "We don't want to be in a situation where we get used to the losing feeling. That's not who we are, not what we're about. We're playing well enough as of late to be in most games and down the stretch we cant get it done for a myriad of reasons. So it is frustrating."

Frustration was the theme of the evening. A frustrating ending to a frustrating game. And another notch in a frustrating season overall.

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