Warriors MVP Curry out for Rio Olympics


Warriors MVP Curry out for Rio Olympics

OAKLAND – Stephen Curry told a fib over the weekend.

The Warriors star was not ready to announce his plan to withdraw from consideration for Team USA and the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, so he deflected a question on the subject.

“I haven’t thought much about it right now,” he fibbed Saturday, one day before Game 2 of the NBA Finals against Cleveland, “because I’m obviously fighting for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.”

Curry added that he was “looking forward to” the Olympic experience.

On Monday, the back-to-back MVP announced his withdrawal from consideration, a decision reportedly relayed weeks ago to USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo.

“After a great deal of internal thought and several discussions with my family, the Warriors and my representatives,” Curry said in a statement released late Monday morning, “I’ve elected to withdraw my name from the list of eligible players on Team USA’s preliminary roster for the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil. I recently informed Jerry Colangelo of this decision.

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“My previous experiences with USA Basketball have been incredibly rewarding, educational and enjoyable, which made this an extremely difficult decision for me and my family. However, due to several factors – including recent ankle and knee injuries – I believe this is the best decision for me at this stage of my career. It’s an incredible honor to represent your country and wear ‘USA’ on your chest, but my primary basketball-related objective this summer needs to focus on my body and getting ready for the 2016-17 NBA season.”

Curry’s decision is not a huge surprise insofar as he has been carefully sidestepping questions about his participation in the Rio Games. Curry in March did not rule out the possibility of bypassing The Games – and that was before his body endured nearly three more months of wear and tear.

“I’ll be able to rest for about a month before we go,” he said in March. “I hope I’m not dealing with any injuries or anything like that.”

That’s exactly what Curry, 28, is coping with as the Warriors pursue back-to-back championships. He tweaked his right ankle in Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs against Houston and sprained the medial collateral ligament (MCL) in his right knee in Game 4 of that series, an injury that sidelined him for two weeks.

Curry conceded last month that the knee injury likely would not completely heal until there was time to rest in the offseason.

As much as Curry would like to appear in The Games, he’s fully aware of the ongoing health-related concerns in Brazil, which is Ground Zero for the Zika virus epidemic.

With a season that began in September extending into June for the second consecutive year and so many bumps and bruises and worse piling up, Curry simply decided the risk of participating in the Olympics – as much as he’d like to chase a gold medal – is too great at this time.

DeMarcus Cousins didn't make debut vs. Pelicans for one specific reason


DeMarcus Cousins didn't make debut vs. Pelicans for one specific reason

Programming note: Watch DeMarcus Cousins and the Warriors take on the Clippers on Friday night at 7:30pm PT, streaming live on the MyTeams app.

DeMarcus Cousins isn't exactly on the best of terms with the New Orleans Pelicans organization. 

The four-time All-Star was hoping to re-sign with the franchise that traded for him back in February 2017, but things didn't work out. There is still some bad blood.

Cousins will make his Warriors debut on Friday against the Clippers. Apparently, he could have suited up against the Pelicans but opted to remain on the sideline.

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"I wasn’t going to return against them,” Cousins told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports before the Warriors' victory. “I didn’t because I didn’t’ want to give (the media) a storyline. Straight up. You can ask Bob (Myers) that.

"I didn’t want to give y’all a storyline. That’s why (my return) is Friday.”

Cousins is right in that if he made his debut against the Pelicans, the emotions would have been off the charts. He made the right decision to wait two extra days.

At his introductory press conference with the Warriors back in July, the big man implied that New Orleans GM Dell Demps didn't offer him a contract.

"I’m gonna put it like this: Only me and Dell Demps know what was said on the phone that night," Cousins declared. "We both know the truth. And I’ll leave it at that."

If you like drama, then mark April 9 on your calendar because that's when Cousins and the Warriors will face Anthony Davis and the Pelicans in New Orleans...

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DeMarcus Cousins' surgeon wants Warriors fans to know something important

DeMarcus Cousins' surgeon wants Warriors fans to know something important

Programming note: Watch DeMarcus Cousins and the Warriors take on the Clippers on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. PT, streaming live on the MyTeams app.

In April 2012, Steph Curry underwent surgery on his right ankle. The surgeon was Dr. Richard Ferkel of the Southern California Orthopedic Institute.

In late January 2018, DeMarcus Cousins underwent surgery to repair a torn left Achilles tendon. The surgeon was ...

... Dr. Richard Ferkel, who certainly will be watching when the Warriors big man takes the floor Friday night in Los Angeles.

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He recently spoke with NBC Sports NBA Insider Tom Haberstroh about Cousins' rehab process and acknowledged that keeping the six-time All-Star's weight down has been a top priority.

"The stress they're putting on is a little different than for somebody who is a 6-foot point guard," Dr. Ferkel said. "It probably extends the rehab a bit longer in bigger people than in smaller people.”

Cousins isn't a small person, and at various points throughout his career, he has needed to shed some pounds. At this point, that isn't an issue because he truly looks to be in very solid shape -- not elite-level "game shape," but he definitely passes the eye test right now.

But Warriors fans shouldn't expect a seamless assimilation. It will take Cousins some time to shake off the rust and get fully comfortable. He'll have to adapt to the Warriors' high-octane pace and style.

“I think it’s important for people to understand that even if he’s released, we, as part of DeMarcus’ team, feel this current release (to play) is really the final phase of his rehabilitation," Dr. Ferkel added. "We’re not saying he’s 100 percent like he would be if he was uninjured.

"He’s done everything he can do but be in a game situation with elite players.”

Buckle up and enjoy the ride ...

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