Warriors' NBA draft decision at No. 7 won't have easy answer


A few months ago, a lot of people thought the 2021 NBA draft was going to be a "five-player" draft, meaning anyone not with the first five picks would get the short end of the stick of drafting a potential superstar. 

Warriors general manager Bob Myers quickly realized this isn't the case. Following the draft lottery, he said he was confident he and his team would be able to find good prospects with both the No. 7 and the No. 14 pick.

And he's right. 

It seems as though the first four picks are locked in, in some order: Jalen Green, Jalen Suggs, Cade Cunningham and Evan Mobley. But then, things become less black and white, and that's because so many prospects' stocks are rising. As a result, some other prospects are bound to fall in the draft. 

The fifth, sixth and seventh picks could be a toss-up between a few names: Scottie Barnes, Jonathan Kuminga, Davion Mitchell and James Bouknight. The Warriors could be happy with any of those four players. There's a high chance Barnes will be off the board by the time the seventh pick comes around, but if he still happens to be there, he would be a near-perfect fit in Golden State.

As for Bouknight, he wouldn't add much defense, but his offense is mesmerizing. He would give the Warriors instant scoring with his ability to penetrate the paint and finish at the rim with both hands. He's a relentless mover off the ball and fits the bill as a dynamic scorer. 


Kuminga is a raw prospect, and his chances of helping the Warriors win instantly next season is low. However, he has one of the highest ceilings in the draft. Drafting Kuminga would indicate that the Warriors are really trying to balance winning in the future along with winning now. That said, it also would give Golden State a future asset for the NBA trade deadline next spring.

It's important to note that no player who the Warriors draft this season is going to have a make-or-break impact on the team next season. While the Warriors are in an adjustment period, they are not rebuilding. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are still the cornerstones of this franchise, and anyone they add needs to just provide decent support for those three.

And since that's the case, you shouldn't cross a player such as Kuminga  -- who has such a big upside -- off the list of possible picks.

Additionally, there are some players in the draft in which taking them with the seventh pick seems too high, but by the time the 14th pick comes, they'll likely be off the board. Mitchell is one of those players

Moses Moody, Franz Wagner, Keon Johnson and Josh Giddey fall under the same umbrella. 

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If the Warriors are absolutely in love with a specific player from this group they don't expect to be there when the 14th pick comes around, they may end up taking him at seven. However, they have to really love him and want him on the team. 

If not, the Warriors are better off selecting someone else -- one of the players that can either have an instant impact or someone whose upside is too hard to ignore. 

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