Projected contracts for Warriors No. 7, 14 NBA draft picks


It's official: the Golden State Warriors are the proud owners of not one, but two first-round picks.

Owning the rights to both the No. 7 and 14 picks in the first round, the Warriors will have to weigh their options before the 2021 NBA Draft on July 29th. 

The Warriors are roughly $60 million over the league's salary cap, paying the most luxury tax of any team in the NBA. With two first-round picks in their possession, could the cost of those future contracts play a role in a potential decision to trade one or even both picks? 

Here are the current salary projections for the Warriors' two first-round picks:

With the 2021-22 salary cap set to increase to $112 million next season, that would only make a small dent in the Warriors' financial situation. 

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Whether they plan on selecting two players in the first round or packaging one or even both of those picks in a trade for a veteran player, the Warriors have a lot to think about over the next five weeks. 

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