The Warriors clearly want fans in Oracle Arena. Watching the game is a different story, though.

On Monday, the Warriors sent an email to fans offering a monthly "In The Building Pass," according to ESPN. The pass gets you into Oracle Arena for every home game at $100 per month.

There's a catch, though, and it's a big one. The mobile pass doesn't include a seat, or any view of the actual court. It will grant you access to Oracle Arena bars and restaurants, and fans can watch the game on TVs in the club area.

It's believed this is the first time a professional sports team is offering access to fans to be in the building for home games, yet they actually can't watch the game with a view of the court.

The Warriors will play in front of a sold-out home crowd for the 300th consecutive game Tuesday when they host the Hawks. Of the Warriors' two losses this season, one is at home.