The Bucks dealt the Warriors their first loss of the 2014-15 regular season on Saturday in Milwaukee -- Golden State's final stop on a seven-game road trip.

Less than a week later, the Bucks will face a rested Warriors team at Oracle Arena. Warriors players, recalling a late-game dunk by Michael Carter-Williams and the subsequent celebration, are plenty motivated. And interim head coach Luke Walton is all for it.

Draymond Green to KNBR on Tuesday: 

"They had a little celebration. It is what it is. They won a regular season game. The 24-1 shirts in the NBA store and the streak-buster shirts, I'm not sure if ... that's what I want to promote for my team. But hey, to each his own. I don't really get caught up in it.

"I think Michael Carter-Williams getting a dunk at the end of the game and looking at our bench like, 'Dude, you lost your spot.' It's not quite common that you should be looking toward someone's bench and yelling when you've got some ground to make up. But I love the intensity. It is what it is.

"And they've got to come in here on Friday night."

Klay Thompson on Wednesday: 

"We're looking forward to it, man. They're obviously the team that gave us our one in that loss column. We thought, at the time, they could have won with a little more class -- some of those guys. I'd have been fired up too, so we definitely remember that.


"There's nothing wrong with the dunk, but the stare-down, trying to talk nasty in a game like that. It's like, 'All right, you realize you see us again next Friday, in our building too.' So that's going to be fun."

Stephen Curry on Wednesday: 

"Big opportunity for us to redeem ourselves. Throughout the course of the regular season, storylines happen and you want to get up for big games. They're our next challenge and we remember what happened up there less than a week ago so it's going to be a fun atmosphere. Want to come out and play our game and play with the same energy they did -- even more than they did when we were up there.

"It was a nice celebration. We do remember that stuff. Hopefully come out strong.

"We were kind of just laughing at some of the stuff that was going on. It was a big game for them. Friday will be a big game for us."

Harrison Barnes to 95.7 The Game on Thursday:

"Yeah, it will probably be a long night. We definitely take a lot of pride in the way we play and we didn't play our best game when we went there and played in Milwaukee. The guys are going to be fired up to right their wrong.

"(Carter-Williams) had some things to say. But kinda just chalked it up to that's what he was feeling in the moment. He was excited.

"We'll see tomorrow night."

Interim coach Luke Walton to KNBR on Thursday:

"I wasn't surprised. Our guys, they take everything personally. It's kind of one of the reasons that they're great. The competitiveness that they have. When we tell Draymond, tell the team there's a good chance we don't win 72 games this year, but we don't care about that because all we're trying to do is get to the level where we can win another championship. And Draymond will jump up and be like, 'No, we are going to win 72 games.' Ok, we're just talking here. But they take it personally.

"As a staff, we like it. Because that means when our guys are ticked off, they have their edge. And when they have their edge, they're hard to beat. So if something like that is going to set them off for a regular season game, then I'm all for it."