Back on Jan. 5, the Warriors and Kings combined to make 41 3-pointers in Golden State's 127-123 win in Sacramento, breaking the NBA record for most treys in a single game in the process.

That record didn't last two weeks.

The Warriors and Pelicans broke that record Wednesday night when the two teams combined to make 43 3-pointers in Golden State's 147-140 home victory. The Warriors attempted a franchise-record 49 attempts, and converted 24, tying a franchise record set earlier this season on Oct. 29 at Chicago.

As such, the Warriors have now been involved in the two games with the most made 3-pointers in NBA history, and both have come in a span of 12 days. It makes sense, given Golden State ranks second in the league in team 3-point shooting (39.2 percent).

That said, don't expect this new record to last much longer than the last one. The Warriors are bound to be involved in several more shooting onslaughts throughout the year, and teams are attempting threes at a higher rate than ever before. Heck, the Rockets set a new NBA record with 70 attempted 3-pointers in their game on Wednesday.

Of course, the Rockets lost their game. The Warriors, on the other hand, notched their sixth-straight win, and haven't lost since a last-second defeat to Houston on Jan. 3.

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If they keep making threes at the rate they've been lately, that streak could go on awhile.