Warriors players not pressuring Myers to trade pick for star


The Warriors finally will find out where they're slated to pick in the 2020 NBA Draft when the lottery concludes Thursday night. Led by Steph Curry and a mystery mutt, the Warriors are looking to land the top pick in the draft for the first time since 1995.

But many expect the Warriors to be busy on the phones looking to move their top pick. This isn't a team in rebuild mode, a healthy Golden State squad is ready to compete again next season. The thought is general manager Bob Myers could package the Warriors' top pick, plus a player like Andrew Wiggins, to acquire another star. 

Myers, however, doesn't feel any pressure from the Warriors' core to make such a move.

"They want to win, we want to win," Myers said to reporters Monday, via ESPN's Nick Friedell. "I don't feel any pressure from any of them to a certain thing. I know it's been written that we need to win now and they need to get a proven player. They've not said that to me. Maybe they would at some point, I have no idea. But I think they know, and if they obviously want to talk about it, they can call me or I'll call them and get their thoughts.

"I've already kind of joked with them and asked them what they like [about] certain players."


Steph Curry turned 32 years in March. Klay Thompson, coming off a torn ACL and missed season, turned 30 in February. And Draymond Green turned 30 in March. These guys aren't on their last leg, but they're all on the wrong side of 30 and have plenty of wear and tear on their bodies. 

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Myers is entering the 2020 draft with two goals: To add a player who helps now and in the future. If that's a rookie or a proven player is yet to be seen. 

Right now, though, the GM and his stars seem to be on the same page.