The idea of the Warriors signing Kevin Durant in free agency in 2016 was considered a dream.

Golden State made it a reality.

Could history repeat itself with Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo joining the Warriors at some point in the next 15 months?

"That's the No. 1 target of course," The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor told NBC Sports Bay Area during a recent Zoom conversation. "People say, 'How would you get Giannis?' Well, you have multiple salaries -- (Andrew) Wiggins or Draymond (Green) -- that you could move. You could move your first (round draft pick) this year and that very appealing Minnesota (first-round) pick next year.

"But that's -- of course -- a pipe dream. But a dream nonetheless and it's worth pursuing."

The Warriors virtually are guaranteed a top-five pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

And back in February, they acquired the Minnesota Timberwolves' 2021 top-three protected first-round pick in the D'Angelo Russell-for-Andrew Wiggins trade.

"How good Minnesota is obviously is out of their (the Warriors') control," O'Connor said. "I personally think their defense is gonna continue to be horrid. I would be surprised if they're a playoff team next year, which means that could be the ninth or 10th best lottery odds -- or even better -- in what is a strong draft class."

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Translation -- the Warriors have, in theory, two very valuable draft picks at their disposal to use in any potential transaction.

So here's the deal with the Greek Freak. He is under contract in 2020-21, but is eligible to sign a "supermax" extension with the Bucks this summer. That contract was supposed to be worth just under $254 million over five years (starting in 2021-22), but nobody has any clue what the actual dollar amount will be now as the salary cap is expected to take a hit with the loss in league-wide revenue because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Might that cause Giannis to hold off on making a decision about his future until the summer of 2021? Perhaps he and his agent want to see what happens with the NBA's financial situation before determining the next step?

Then again, maybe that doesn't matter at all to the 2018-19 NBA MVP. What if his decision this offseason was going to be solely determined on if the Bucks reached the NBA Finals and/or won the title? If so, how will that perspective be altered if the league cancels the remainder of the season and Giannis doesn't get the chance to capture the Larry O'Brien Trophy?

Crazy to think about, right?

Giannis hasn't given any indication at all (publicly at least) that he is 100 percent planning on signing long-term with Milwaukee. That's one reason why speculation about his future is such a hot topic.

The discussion only will intensify if he declines the extension this summer.

From the Warriors' perspective, they just have to ride it out and remain patient.

"It's the type of thing with Giannis or any star player -- you need to position yourself to get that guy," O'Connor said. "And if it happens, great. If it doesn't happen, then move on to the next guy.

"It's not like there's not a loaded free-agent class in 2021 with other guys that potentially could be signed and traded."

Fortunately for the Warriors, they should be in a strong position to compete for the title over the next couple of years because of the core they already have in place.

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But they absolutely need to bolster the roster in a couple of areas, and that starts this offseason with that top draft pick and then free agency.


"I think they still gotta add a guy (in the upcoming draft) who they view as somebody as a long-term piece," O'Connor said. "You're drafting a guy not to trade him. You're drafting a guy to hope that he's good. Good players are tradable. For Golden State, you can't look too far ahead with theoreticals on the trade market because that's gonna work itself out anyway if you get a good player -- a guy who at least displays upside during his rookie season.

"Those options are gonna be available for them next year if they choose to pursue it. But you could also say -- what's wrong with bringing in some of these rookies and having a bunch of young lottery picks on your team when you already have Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green?

"That could be the natural, organic way for the Warriors ownership and front office to have that 20-year run like (owner) Joe Lacob has talked about before."

Nobody knows how everything is going to play out. And that's why it's going to be so fascinating to watch it all unfold.

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