Chemistry between Draymond, Steph on completely different level

Draymond passing to Steph

It's not a coincidence that some of Steph Curry's most explosive scoring nights have come at that same time that Draymond Green is on a play-making frenzy

In their ninth NBA season together, Curry and Green know each other like the backs of their hands. Green knows where Curry likes to get the ball. Curry knows that if he keeps moving, Green will find him. 

Some of their incredible two-man play is drawn up by Steve Kerr and the coaches. And most of it is just natural. 

"What's fun is their innovation," Kerr said. "Some of the stuff the two of them do, it's almost like Sandlot football. They just draw the play in the dirt out on the court and they figure out a way to get somebody wide-open. They are both really, really brilliant basketball minds."

Curry and Green's chemistry was on full display in the Warriors' 129-98 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night. It was a game full of moments that highlighted their two-man game, and how much easier they make the game for one another. Curry finished the night with 36 points on 13-of-19 shooting, while Green had a season-high 16 assists and just one turnover. Neither had to play in the fourth quarter.

Green has said that he holds setting screens in the same regards as dishing out an assist. But when he does both, the Warriors' offense opens up to new heights. 


"It's a thing of beauty," Juan Toscano-Anderson said of watching Curry and Green play together. "It's beautiful basketball. I mean, I'm out there smiling and laughing because, it's like, how do you guard that? I don't even know what you'd call it, but their game reads are on another level and it's impossible to guard. 

"I love being in their actions because I know either Steph is going to be open, or I'm going to be open, nine times out of 10. You can't guard both. It's just a thing of beauty and I'm appreciative of it. I just love the game, a superfan of the game of basketball, and it's art to me."

Through watching Curry and Green's on-court chemistry, other members of the team who haven't played with them for that long are beginning to learn, based on where Curry and Green go, where they should go to keep the spacing on the floor. 

They know that when Curry draws multiple defenders, Green will find them as long as they are in the correct spot. 

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Curry and Green's chemistry this season is more evident than ever before. In the past, the Warriors roster has always been packed with other top-tier talents such as Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. Those players' on-court relationships with Curry have always taken center stage. But this season, it's all on Curry and Green, and their history of playing together is shining through and giving the Warriors something to build around. 

"It's built on eight, nine years of experience that comes out whether we draw up something or talk about something or we just feel it or see it," Curry said. 

This season, the Curry-Green two-man game will be a big key to the Warriors' success. And while the Warriors still have a lot to figure out, it's not because of what their star duo is doing. 

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