LOS ANGELES — Steph Curry wanted to make one thing clear when asked about his blurry vision hours ahead of the Warriors' Thursday night matchup against the Lakers at Staples Center.

"It's not a disease," Curry said, fighting back laughter.

Curry, who told The Athletic's Marcus Thompson that he recently got contacts to correct a long history of blurry vision, said the procedure was fairly common.

"I just had a situation where you get used to what it looks like, and somebody asks you, 'Have you ever thought about contact lenses?' And I'm like 'no', they say, 'maybe you should try them,’ and I'm like, 'all right,' and I try them and they work," Curry said. "That's pretty much what it is."

Curry's revelation comes during one the best stretches of his 10-year NBA career, shooting 56 of 115 from 3-point range -- good for 48.7 percent. The burst came on the heels of one of the worst stretches of his career, as he shot 33 of 104 from 3-point range over an eight-game span.

Prior to the decision to wear the sight enhancers, Curry said he went through life normally, not thinking he'd need contacts, instead becoming arguably the best shooter of all time despite the hindrance.

"It was an adjustment," Curry said. "Eyesight started getting worse, but like I said, you could still go out and function and do what you do. It was more so just a lack of awareness of what it was. My normal was my normal, and I didn't think about anything I could do different. Just took me a while to get there."


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Curry's admission sparked some observers on social media to assume he had become the best shooter of his generation despite being blind, which amused the two-time NBA MVP.

"When you go through that experience and you see what the world is like with 20/20 vision," Curry said. "It's pretty crazy, but I love the assumption or the joke that I was technically blind before I took contacts."