Steph is NBA's best step-back 3-point shooter by large margin

Steph Curry

The step-back 3-pointer is all the rage these days, and it has spread through the NBA like wildfire.

James Harden. Luka Doncic. Damian Lillard. There's no shortage of prominent players around the league who have made the move an effective part of their arsenal.

Those three are three of the very best at it. But, as is the case with just about any other kind of shot, no one measures up to Steph Curry.

According to ESPN NBA analyst Kirk Goldsberry, eight players attempted at least 100 step-back 3-pointers this season. Curry attempted a grand total of 161, and converted them at an astonishingly high 47-percent clip.

All of the other seven players to reach the 100 attempt threshold shot below 37 percent on their step-back 3s.

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That list is a who's who of the best shooters in the league, and no one is even close to Curry.

He already had long established himself as the greatest shooter of all time, and this just further cements it.

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