Steph issues patented 'lock in' tweet to encourage voting


Warriors fans are very familiar with the patented "lock in" tweet Steph Curry sends shortly before many games.

Golden State is not taking the court Tuesday night, but the three-time NBA champion sent out a special version of "lock in" Tuesday afternoon.

It is Election Day in the United States of America, and Curry very much hopes Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump.

"We need your vote like never before," the two-time NBA MVP said in a video posted to The Lincoln Project's Twitter account Monday night. "But you know what we need even more? We need you to be careful, to be safe, to protect yourselves and your families. Wear a mask.

"So listen up -- vote! Vote now. Don't be scared, because that's what they want. They want you so scared you stay home so your voice won't count (and) your voice won't be heard.

"Be strong, be safe, be brave. Mask up and vote. Vote for Joe. Your future is depending on it."

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