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SAN FRANCISCO – For weeks you've been hearing that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, both dealing with supervised rehabilitation, are getting restless. That they really, really miss the game.

It’s true, Warriors coach Steve Kerr acknowledged on Saturday.

“They’re definitely restless,” he said before tipoff against the Pistons at Chase Center. “They’ve been restless for this whole season.”

Thompson has been out of action since last June, when he sustained a torn left ACL in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. He underwent surgery three weeks later.

Curry has been out since Oct. 30, when he sustained a fracture to his left hand that required surgery and the insertion of pins. The pins were removed four weeks ago.

There is hope both can return this season, but no timeline has been established. Curry is scheduled to be re-evaluated the first week of February.

Kerr believes both have benefited from the time away. Reaching the NBA Finals five consecutive seasons takes a toll on the body and mind.

“The five-year run, for those two guys in particular, was exhausting,” Kerr said. “In an ironic way, this has been probably a good chance for them to blow off some stream and whatever metaphor you want to use.

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“But that can only last for so long. They’re both dying to play. And we’re dying to have them back.”


Though Thompson regularly participates in individual drills focused mostly on shooting and dribbling, Curry has advanced far enough to reintroduce his left hand to the feel of the ball.

Curry and Thompson have experienced no setbacks in rehab, according to Kerr. Both are allowed to accompany the team on road trips, if they wish, but only with the approval of the training staff.