Warriors' Steph Curry relishing new underdog role, Gotham Chopra says

Warriors' Steph Curry relishing new underdog role, Gotham Chopra says

Steph Curry finds himself in a familiar place, even though it's a feeling he hasn't felt in years. He's being doubted again, and he's ready for everyone to think he and the Warriors are done. 

"I think the thing that's kind of revealing that you find out is he's really relishing this new role that the team has as an underdog," Gotham Chopra, co-creator of "Stephen vs. The Game," said Monday in an exclusive interview with NBC Sports Bay Area. "It's something that Steph is very comfortable with. He said it was really strange for him to be in that Goliath role the past five years where everyone looked at them as sort of the super power.

"He's more comfortable in that underdog role."

The naysayers have come out of the woodwork with the Warriors looking far more vulnerable than they have in years. Kevin Durant is gone, as is Andre Iguodala. Klay Thompson will miss several months after tearing his ACL in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. This is a new era of Warriors basketball and Curry is excited for it to start, as seen with him working out with new teammate D'Angelo Russell on Monday.

"I think the fact that now people are saying the dynasty is over and they're sort of casting aside the Warriors as too injured, too fragile, too whatever ... it's something that he's really relishing and you get that sense. He doesn't sit there and worry about the losses for very long.

"He's a competitor and I think he's looking forward to next season." 

The final episode of the docu-series comes out Monday night at 5 p.m. PT on Facebook Watch. Chopra says it will show just how banged up Curry's body was at the end of the season, too.

"Physically, you see in the final part of our series, he had his own nicks and bruises along the way," Chopra said. "Obviously in terms of the playoffs with injuries to KD, Klay, Andre -- it was just some really tough injuries that they dealt with. I think they took a lot of pride in how far they able to push it and keep on going. They certainly weren't an easy out." 

Chopra says working with Curry over the past year was incredible. The documentarian praised the two-time MVP's ability to block negativity and stay focused on the task at hand. 

"I think if anything surprised me, it's just that he's the real deal," Chopra said. "He has that great reputation, but really to have that balance and not get distracted by all the noise out there is pretty remarkable." 

One of the most unique aspects that Chopra was able to see was the behind the scenes of Steph playing his brother Seth in the Western Conference Finals. Parents Dell and Sonya believed they were in for a real treat as their sons played each other on the biggest stage. But it wasn't all that easy. 

And not every second was easy for Steph, too. 

"I know Steph -- he's just so proud of his younger brother. I think that was sort of this tension for him. Of course as a competitor he wanted to win, but he also wanted his brother to do really well because it was the farthest he had gotten. He was really happy for him."

Chopra met the real Steph Curry. He saw him interact with his family and children. He saw him deal with injuries and losses. Through it all, there's one word that describes the Warriors' star. 

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"Joyful," Chopra said without hesitation. "He plays the game with a lot of joy and he's a good person and I think he's very much the same guy on the court that he is off the court. He's humble and he's grateful.

"He's a competitor for sure, but he recognizes what he has and he wants to share that with the world."  

Warriors' Steph Curry says 'no setbacks' in rehab from broken left hand

Warriors' Steph Curry says 'no setbacks' in rehab from broken left hand

It’s the question that has been on the minds of many Warriors fans over the past few months: When will star point guard Steph Curry return to the lineup?

Curry has been out since Oct. 30 after suffering a broken left hand in a loss to the Phoenix Suns.

During his sideline analyst debut in Saturday night’s matchup against the Orlando Magic, Curry provided a vague look into his rehabilitation process.

"Rehab is going great, every day is tough,” Curry told Kelenna Azubuike and Bob Fitzgerald. “When you're hurt and we've all been there in some way shape or form, its a grind, everyday kind of being monotonous with the little strength workouts you have to do, and you understanding that it takes time and patience to get back to 100%.”

While details were limited, Curry did provide one positive nugget Warriors fans can cling to.

“I've been making progress,” Curry explained. “No setbacks which is definitely encouraging to get back to 100% as soon as possible."

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That date can’t come soon enough in a season that has been rife with bad news for fans of the Warriors.

Warriors make good on Steph Curry's guarantee of win over Magic


Warriors make good on Steph Curry's guarantee of win over Magic

He spoke it into existence.

Before signing off of his sideline analyst debut during Saturday night’s Warriors game against the Orlando Magic, Warriors star Steph Curry guaranteed a win for the Dubs and said he was looking forward to the postgame celebration.

Steve Kerr and the rest of the Warriors decided to make good on Steph’s promise and pulled away late in a 109-95 victory.

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The Warriors are undefeated when Curry joins the broadcast as an analyst, perhaps he should come around more often.