Steph shares classic story about Klay's pregame routine


It is no secret that Klay Thompson is a unique character away from the basketball court. For the sharpshooter's entire decade in the NBA, Steph Curry has been right alongside Klay as his fellow Splash Brother, helping the Warriors reach previously unseen heights for the franchise.

Curry sat down with NBC Sports Bay Area's Kelenna Azubuike and delivered a classic story about how different Thompson's pregame routine was when he first came to the Warriors.

"The first time he came into the locker room and he had his feet kicked up and he was reading, I don't know what paper it was, he was reading a newspaper," Curry told Azubuike as part of the Decade in the Bay series. "He looked just so comfortable and like at peace. He didn't realize how different that was in the moment, like it's an hour and a half before the game and you're up there reading, I don't even know what section but reading the newspaper with your leg kicked up in your locker, just gaining knowledge and information on current events and stuff.

"He's that kind of like human Wikipedia, like he knows the most random facts about stuff and he'll just surprise you at any moment with like a gem and I'm sure that's where he gets it.

"Those little moments, he's just so unique and he doesn't even try, he's just himself and very comfortable in his own skin."

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After over two years away from the court, Klay finally is expected to make his return to the lineup sometime in January, with the Warriors confirming it will be a home game.


There will be joy across the building when Thompson finally does hear his name called and walks out onto the floor during introductions, and it will be an emotional moment for him and everyone who helped Klay along his path to recovery from his two major injuries.

His fellow Splash Brother has said time and time again how much he misses getting to play with Thompson, and soon we will get to see Steph and Klay knocking down 3-pointers and dapping each other up, just like old times.

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