Steph third greatest player of all time, Henry Abbott says


LeBron James captured his fourth NBA title and fourth NBA Finals MVP on Sunday night when the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

Is he now the greatest player of all time? It's safe to say that most people believe it's either him or Michael Jordan that holds that distinction. 

On Monday morning, Henry Abbott of "True Hoop" named his top five:

5) Tim Duncan

4) Wilt Chamberlain

2) Michael Jordan

1) LeBron James

Wait a second -- who did he put at No. 3?

That would be none other than ...

...  Warriors superstar, Steph Curry.

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"And now we're getting to my controversial pick," Abbott said on the "Bring It In" podcast. "It's not that I'm particularly some giant Steph fan. I just think that when we talk about the greatest of all time, we hate on today's players and we shouldn't.

"Three titles in four years during the period of 'Peak LeBron.' I think we're gonna look back in history (at that) as an unbelievable accomplishment.

"I like pioneers -- he invented a new way to play."

Holy moly.

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Curry is the only unanimous MVP in NBA history, he's the greatest shooter who has ever lived and he did revolutionize the game itself.


But yours truly believes he needs to add to his resume in order to enter the top-three discussion. The good news is that he has a lot left in the tank at 32 years old, and should turn in a couple more elite seasons.

"If he's able to be back in the MVP discussion and they win (the title) again, then it's like, 'OK, he's done it in three different iterations -- no Durant, with Durant, and no Durant again at advanced age,' " Jarod Hector said on the podcast. "It's like, 'Well, there's no denying (it).' "

No pressure, Steph.

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