Warriors coach Steve Kerr played and coached against Kobe Bryant.

He also broadcasted a ton of his games.

So is there one specific memory or moment or image of the late NBA legend that stands out the most?

"I've been asked a few times the last couple of days what's my memory of Kobe and it's similar to saying, 'What's your memory of Michael?' And the point with those guys is that there is no one memory because they were putting on a show every single night," Kerr recently explained to ESPN's Scott Van Pelt on the "SVPod" podcast. "It's what made them special.

"But I do have a memory of Kobe in the (2010) West finals when I was the general manager in Phoenix. Lakers were up (three-games-to-two) and we came back to Phoenix for Game 6. We had a lead most of the game, and Kobe hit a series of impossible shots right in front of the Phoenix bench that completely turned the game.

"And on a couple of them, Kobe literally fell back into the bench and he slapped (Suns coach) Alvin Gentry's behind twice. And Alvin just shook his head. All you could do is marvel and smile. Anybody else, Alvin would have been ready to fight. But at that point, you just tip your cap. That game always stands out."

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Kobe finished that game with 37 points, and Kerr wasn't lying about the five-time NBA champion slapping Gentry:

He averaged 33.7 points, 8.3 assists and 7.2 rebounds that series against Phoenix while shooting 52 percent overall and 43.2 percent from deep.

Just incredible.

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